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Rob Georg This Ain’t My First Rodeo


Rob Georg is a country-rock artist through and through, and his latest single This Ain’t My First Rodeo is pure southern bliss that can rival some of the best country songs of today.

Georg has crafted an enthralling story and has accompanied it with some infectious melodies and emotional guitar riffs to make a classic country tune that feels more authentic than a lot of the bigger country acts dominating the airwaves. The most peculiar thing about Georg, however, is that despite his undeniable southern charm, he actually hails from Germany. This just goes to show you that being country is as much about a state of mind as it is where you’re from.

Country music used to be about telling personal tales in a relatable and engaging way, but a large portion of popular country has forsaken that mentality entirely for clichéd music and lyrics; all in the hopes of drawing larger audiences. Luckily for us, Rob Georg is a purist, and This Ain’t My First Rodeo is a story that he has lived through; and it shows.

Retelling his accounts of his days as a professional horse rider, Georg weaves a tale about a seasoned veteran passing down bits of advice to a young up and comer. This honest-to-goodness mentality comes across both in his music and lyrics in an effortless way, and the listener can definitely feel it. The tagline, This Ain’t My First Rodeo takes on a whole new meaning when you consider that it’s meant to be literally just that. It’s incredibly refreshing to listen to a straightforward song that tells its story in a very honest, albeit somewhat simple, way.

Although he grew up in Germany, Georg embodies the spirit of country music better than most southerners. His lyrics and his stories are the main focus of his music, and This Ain’t My First Rodeo is a perfect example of that.

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