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Rob Georg Ghost


Rob Georg is swiftly becoming one of the most unwavering, honest and emotionally pure country songwriters around right now. Offering up hit after hit, not simply for catchy melodies or musical skill, but for these things in unison with heartfelt vocals and incredibly compelling, deeply human lyrics. His latest single is far from the exception and is perhaps his most heart-breaking yet.

Ghost presents a classically warm and seemingly optimistic soundscape, a beautiful country twang with hints of contemporary production and effects. Then you get Rob’s leading voice, calm and slightly melancholic already, strangely stunning though – those verses showcase a side to his vocal tone and performance style that hasn’t quite been laid bare in this manner before.

A few notes are all it takes, a certain depth and sense of quiet reflection. The song sounds beautiful in itself, short lines rhythmically entrance and lull you further under its spell. Then you get to the lyrics, and these read through like poetry – concise and softly cutting – You’re standing in the doorway, Of my bruised and battered mind – slowly but surely, the song progresses from good to great.

The further along you get, the intensity builds, the pressure and passion increase – right up until the break of that hook. It’s far from a lyrical resolve, but it’s musically hard-hitting, and the guitar solo and instrumentation in general reach a similar peak that furthers the effect. If the song hasn’t brought about empathetic or even nostalgic feelings of loss or sadness by this point, the final section undoubtedly will. Another beautifully genuine and gorgeous new song from an artist more than worthy of a spot among the future of country.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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