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Rob Georg Carry The Wind


Songwriter Rob Georg pours his heartfelt devotion into the single Carry The Wind as he reflects on a beloved horse who passed away. The song sees Georg perform with genuine emotion as he poses questions up to a higher power regarding his horse transcending to heaven.

From a distance, this feels like a well-crafted country ballad, soulful and delicate when necessary, brighter and more passionate as the hook appears and the instrumentation reaches a well-matched peak and fullness. The whole thing works beautifully as its melody pours through, that heartbreak shows in everything from the lyrics to the chord progression to the performance, yet there’s also an easy to appreciate sense of optimism and warmth that prevents the track from being overly melancholy.

Though the subject matter and the way it’s presented is likely to draw a feeling of sadness from most, particularly those who’ve lost a loved one – maybe even a horse of their own – there’s also a touch of gratitude and hope to the way the concept is laid out. This idea of there being more, of the horse carrying the wind up in heaven, is a deeply poetic and comforting one.

Rob Georg drives with a careful balance between heartache and acceptance, and this shines brightly in the music and in the lyrics. His vocal tone and the accompanying video do steer the song in a more personal and subsequently poignant direction, but that balance with the brightness of the music does a grand job of keeping the mood positive and reminiscent of happier times.

Where many country or pop songs take to vague and impersonal topics just to offer a catchy tune, Rob Georg has written from a place of genuine truth and experience, and this makes his writing and his performance connect in a much more profound fashion.

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