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Ritz Murphy Boytoy


Rare Blend’s Ritz Murphy branches off into the solo world to present music fans with this impressively retro and colourful new track – one that effectively fuses classic boy-band tones with a notably more experimental, industrial style beat and set-up. There are even a few dashes of inspiration from the likes of MJ pouring through within, all of which adds further appeal and energy to an already intentional and consistently high-octane track.

Having commented on the energy, it’s also worthy noting that there is a certain smoothness to some moments – Murphy hits a few falsetto lines to lead the way into later sections. Whether his voice is tackling the grittier, stylishly heavy moments of the track, or these lighter, soulful and performance-driven ones, the artist more than meets the needs of the moment.

Boytoy progresses to feel quite literally like a slept-on pop classic from a simpler time. Though the vocal style at present, and indeed the melody and concept for the whole thing, are clearly new and work well to offer something different, that tip of the hat to yesteryear also works hard to light up a little nostalgia for those who grew up in the era. All in all, this balance between worlds does its job well.

Ritz Murphy clearly knows what works for him, he knows the way he wants to sound, and he rolls with it in a confident and expressive way. It will be interesting to hear where the music takes him in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

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