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Bringing together elements of classic rock with something a lot more indie-pop and modern, Rising Spirit offer passionate songwriting and memorable melodies on this project Unspoken Words. 

Regret It is the opener and emerges like a meeting between the energy of 30 Seconds to Mars and the reflective, personal honesty of a Brit-pop classic. It makes for something undoubtedly characterful, and as the song plays out you start to form a clearer understanding of the band as artists and what their sound is really all about. The hook to this song is a gradual but absolute ear worm in a mild, non-offensive manner. A great way to kick off the EP.

Restless follows the opener and the now familiar framing of soundscapes returns to start things off. The collective voices create an anthemic sense of togetherness and add a definite contrast with the distorted guitar riffs found elsewhere. When the verse melody comes into play, the band really come into their own. The sound veers off in a unique direction but holds close to effective songwriting with every step. It’s almost as if genre wasn’t important, these are just songs, by musicians, and that works for so much. It’s a pleasure to listen to this track because there’s something deeply emotional and inspiring about the lyrics and the way the ambiance has been crafted and built up. It’s uplifting and energizing, and the thought of a live performance really starts to appeal right about now.

Sons Of Anarchy takes things in a new direction yet again, but as expected – and required – those threads remain. It sounds like Rising Spirit, the further you get into the project the more this becomes the only comparison necessary. There’s something very serious about this song, but at the same time – it’s another indie-pop anthem for the mass; to a huge degree. The verses come through fast and rhythmic, so the hook really hits with impact afterwards. The leading vocalist’s tone and style of performance has a comforting familiarity by now.

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Brightness and warmth run wild on Stay, colorful guitar riffs and vocal delicacy guide the way, as do some notably emotional and heartfelt lyrics. This song is well placed within the collection as it highlights another side to the band and their approach to artistry. This softer moment of truth allows audiences to feel a personal connection with the boys in the band, as if those feelings are shared and understood, and that’s what we all have in common. The more you listen to this one, the more addictive that multi-layered hook melody and concept becomes. It’s incredibly calming to hear it all unfold.

Where You Belong adds a further layer of eclecticism in a big way. The guitar work is superb, intense and heavy but not without intent and purpose. It feels like a song that falls somewhere between early Nickelback and Foo Fighters. It feels different to all that came before, but again it showcases a band who known how to write and compose effective, immersive rock songs. On top of this, these songs are totally accessible to all – relevant to a wider audience and hypnotic thanks to some brilliant melody lines. This was a highlight for me, that nostalgic rock touch really soothes the soul if you’re a fan of that time in music and of emotional writing in general.

Cleverly utilising every moment, the EP comes to a close with the gentle, raw tones of Dawn – Unplugged. Rising Spirit are talented and skillful in their presentation of music. This project is short, for sure – but it offers so much. The emotion and integrity and effort that has gone into it is unquestionable. This final song is beautiful and lets you get a little closer to that intimate side of the band – that genuine dash of humanity means a lot in this context. The melodies and harmonies that accompanying the acoustic guitar and the concept here make for a stunning few moments.

Unspoken Words is an easy must for fans of infectious and genuine modern rock. The band have an endearing and ultimately very real sound that is consistently true to their own perspectives and feelings. You can hear this in every song, regardless of the style of music used to portray it. Undeniably a band to look out for over the coming months and years, particularly throughout festival season.

Download the EP via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Rising Spirit on Facebook & Instagram.

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