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Ridge Runners The Rest Of Us


Ridge Runners back up the high-octane implications of their name with a supreme rock presence and pace, as their anthemic and timeless The Rest Of Us awakens the space.

Following a brief moment of quiet, The Rest Of Us explodes into a live action rock celebration that quickly showcases the band’s united energy as a five-piece.

We then delve into passionate but accessible, almost guy-next-door vocals, and proceed through a story that’s second to the vibe but ultimately an interesting and relevant take. The song’s falsetto middle-8 in particular secures interest in the deeper layers of the lyrics, and prompts you to look a little more closely at the inspiration for this song – something that lets the subsequent tumble of the drums and satisfying resolve to that hook hit with all the more impact.

Musically colourful and uplifting, lyrically poignant, political and unapologetic, The Rest Of Us leads with clear-cut images and scenes, and at the same time injects a boldly catchy groove and melodic thread to really make sure these ideas linger in the mind. A job well done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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