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Rico Friebe This Day


Simplicity reigns once again, as songwriter and artist Rico Friebe delivers yet another instantly enchanting, beautifully honest single, in the form of a piano-riff-led and paired-vocal journey that is This Day.

Fast-paced yet delicate and mellow for a rise and fall sense of quiet and chaos intermittently, This Day progresses from hypnotic beginnings through the invigorating repeat of the hook sentiment; the likes of which appears drenched in uncertainty, provoking deeper thought and creating an all the more emotive, moving aura in the process.

“I knew, I know this day will come…”

Somewhat vocally akin to the likes of Asaf Avidan, there’s character and heart in the performance, and underneath that we really do get just the looping, breath-like rise and fall of these easy yet quick-fingered piano chords.

Devoted to intimacy again, togetherness and loyalty, This Day maintains its strength of purpose alongside consistent simplicity. Only a select few lyrics appear and repeat, always resolving back to the central sentiment.

The whole thing feels deeply personal, honest yet vague enough to be made the listener’s own. It’s music working its magic in a raw, unedited and naturally human fashion, the passion increasingly subtly yet effectively during the closing moments, and it’s addictively beautiful to listen to.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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