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Rico Friebe Never Know


Atmospheric piano guides us with emotion and melody, into the hauntingly beautiful new single from Rico Friebe.

Instantly familiar and both comforting and inspiring, Never Know follows a single descending keys progression and paired vocals of equally consistent steps. A select few phrases and ideas repeat and resound throughout, the song gathering distinct momentum during its central section and towards the finish.

This is the manner in which the sections or waves of the arrangement utilise contrast – the piano rolls on and on, while the voices rise up in intensity, passion and volume, to reinforce key lyrics.

By the final quarter, a new vocal depth takes the reigns, a lower-tone that again draws focus to the sentiments but also adds a further level of dynamic; to wrap things up in a structurally effective manner.

Far from traditionally crafted but also decidedly recognisable in its simplicity and the forever-falling nature of the tune, Never Know is intriguing, heartfelt, and catchy; though in a subtle, non-intrusive fashion. It makes for a welcomed return from the creative style of Friebe – another provocative and enchanting listen.

Single releasing April 14th. Check out Rico Friebe on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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