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Rico Friebe Anthems For A Lost Generation


An ever creative and impossible to pigeon-hole Rico Friebe redirects fans immensely, with the euphorically electro-soaked and cinematic fullness of a conceptually provocative Anthems For A Lost Generation.

Powerfully relatable and equally mighty in production, the project begins with its singular version of the title, and juxtaposes the delicacy of Rico’s voice with the outright weight and intensity of a fully loaded synth and beat soundscape. The downpour is overwhelming and easy to escape into. Meanwhile these ideas echo out and around you – ‘we just don’t feel anything’.

Focused on difficulty but not without its optimism, the musicality of Rico Friebe resounds despite the differences stylistically between this and his last project. We move into the retro tones of Bad Seed and witness a more stripped-back storytelling, a new vocal approach, and a deeply personal lyrical venture. There’s a dance-like energy and brightness at the song’s peak, again contrasted by much softer, more spacious and minimalist verses. This use of contrast is a key aspect of Anthems For A Lost Generation, and perhaps cleverly reflects the contrast between this generation and those preceding it.

Provocative content is also important here, and the likes of I Like Memes and Games adopt a non-comical but startlingly poignant reflection of modern life. Before the latter, however, Redo marks a striking highlight – a moment of quiet contemplation as we built up beautifully towards the mighty embrace of this realm of synths and sounds and vocal harmonies.

Images brings back fearless versatility, a tribal bounce of a groove and a quicker melodic pattern making for a somewhat catchy mainstream alternative. The music uplifts and energises, while the lyrics work hard to stop you in your tracks once more.

Lazy, Bored and Sad is another highlight, somewhat basic but relevant in its modern rhythm, soothing piano, and the minimalism of the melody. The lyrics are also scornful but appropriate, and capture attention well amidst the likable melody and groove of the whole production. A personal favourite, increasingly hypnotic in its progression.

We then move into the rising anticipation and upbeat tendencies of Animals, as the topic again juxtaposes this positive energy with a deeply concerning warning of sorts – and a brilliantly artistic use of distortion and panning to reinforce the changing stages of the story. Defiantly one of Rico’s most interesting compositions to date.

Abuse is simple yet complex in its balancing of the soothing and unsettling. A dreamy soundscape and timeless beat prove atmospheric, the distant vocals calming and seemingly hopeful, but then the title echoes in the mind, and the lyrics, however quiet, intrigue and disconcert. A strangely beautiful but again boldly provocative song.

Arrangement always matters, and the final shift into retro gamer tones and multiple synths, even the clear bounce and brightness of the vocal delivery, marks an unprecedented explosion of energy for the closing track Loose A Chance. Undeniably an outright EDM anthem, with an eighties twist of enchanting vocal play and nostalgic synths, the track is again uplifting yet heartbreaking by suggestion. The production is superb, Rico’s approach artistic again and clearly audience aware as things rise and fall; dropping into that iconic and addictive hook section at just the right moment. A stunning alternative dance track, rooted in emotion and presence, and a fantastically unexpected earworm at the final hurdle.

An artist through and through, Rico Friebe leads with an unrelenting connection to music and the distinct emotions it’s able to impart. This album celebrates and showcase’s all of that, but does so without ever making things about the artist. The songs feel like they belong to the listener, to this modern world, and that makes all the difference.

Download Anthems For A Lost Generation via Bandcamp. Find Rico Friebe on Soundcloud, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & his Website.

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