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RichPutt She A Freak


A stylishly retro beat meets with a uniquely raspy and rhythmic vocal on this latest release from hip hop’s RichPutt. The soundscape in particular grabs you from the offset, the crisp and clean finish fuses well with those classic details and layers that take you back to a simpler time. In the same instance, there’s a definite aura of originality to the synths and samples that appear intermittently throughout – strong production helps create something ever-evolving and consistently interesting.

On top of the music, RichPutt’s voice is one that’s loaded with personality – his tone, his laid-back style of delivery, and indeed his lyrics, all lean in the direction of a clear love for performance and for crafting bars designed to entertain. As implied by the title of the track, this is a simple anthem for the lovers out there, leading with an upbeat bounce and a mellow kind of quiet confidence that suits RichPutt’s chilled out vocal style pretty perfectly.

There’s a professional finish to the whole thing, it pours through with equal parts dynamic and quick familiarity – the hook settles in, as does the style of the artist, and musically there’s a fair amount to appreciate and which separates this from the majority of recent releases. The lightness is a big part of that, things can be upbeat without falling heavy or pushing for insanely fast tempos, and RichPutt is an entertainer who effectively pays tribute to that.

She A Freak is an easy-going exploration of contemporary hip hop that’s well-rooted in the natural style and flow of the genre. An easy one to enjoy if you’re a fan of laid-back vibes and creative freedom.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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