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Richard Tyler Epperson Another Day EP


Salt Lake City’s Richard Tyler Epperson embodies the dream that consumes the artist with this, his third and most revealing and focused project yet.

The new EP looks toward the future, the crafting of a life that rings true to the soul, and it was made in a home-built studio following a notable hiatus (seven years, no less) for the ever-impassioned musician and songwriter.

Beginning with When I Build My World, it’s clear that optimism and possibility are the driving forces – not melancholy, not regret. The music and the lyrics, the energy in the voice, all pours through with an uplifting sense of colour and inspiring calm.

A love song at its core, the track hits with all the more purity and warmth when considered in the context of the Another Day EP realm.

Featuring delicately expressive vocals and acoustic guitar throughout, with subtle yet impressive, immersive production details to really bring everything to life, this EP showcases an artist at the top of his game.

The Song Inside Your Soul (Don’t Let Me Go) follows the opener with equal brightness, zoning in on the bigger concept at hand. It’s accessible again, honest, relatable, but ultimately promises a degree of hope and connection that transcends the personal details and subtle uncertainty.

Beautifully crafted, timeless in style, crisp and engaging as Epperson bares his soul in both lyric and tone.

Injecting a little style and swagger is the song Tonight (Wicked Lies), one that feels like an alternative pop hit from a simpler era. Melodically wonderful, this track proves a highlight for its character and confidence – the natural way in which it tackles the subject matter and shakes off the turmoil of the past; not to mention the addictive weight and rhythm of the hook.

Barely half-way into the EP, and Epperson’s sound, his voice in both delivery and writing, has a clear identity. You’re comforted by the familiarity, trusting in the project, the mood; the reflections and contemplations.

Another Day wraps up the sentiments of the EP well, again bright but genuine and deeply thoughtful at the same time – unafraid to be open, to talk on struggle and despair on that pathway towards better things.

What Should I Do stands out afterwards for the sultry guitar riff and questioning lyrics – another easy pop-rock hit from a different time. Once more, Epperson commits to the diary-style songwriting – the questions, the longing, the mistakes, the self-examination.

Then we get a welcomed return to colour and optimism, as Beautiful Day arrives at just the right time. This one addresses the listener, and the artist himself, in a way that leaves a clear degree of gratitude; appreciation for this current moment of life.

The completed EP also includes a gorgeous acoustic version of the opening song When I Build My World – a bonus track that reminds us of the singer-songwriter behind the work; a fine guitarist, strong vocalist and overall compelling performer.

These songs promise connection and escapism all at once, and that’s the strength of the writing – whether a full band set-up or just a man and his guitar, the message is clear, and the music works its magic. A pleasure to delve into.

Download or stream Another Day here from October 15th. Check out Richard Tyler Epperson on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.

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