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Richard Schroder Wildest Dreams


I’m finding myself increasingly inspired by 2018’s array of new musical offerings. Richard Schroder’s latest single Wildest Dreams is a beautiful addition, a wonderful song with a full and vibrant musical set-up and a central sentiment that seeks to uplift and motivate you to aim a little higher.

Wildest Dreams takes what is generally a familiar phrase or concept and spins it in a new, provocative way. The idea is not the usual ‘never in my wildest dreams’, but rather, it takes the form of making you consider that perhaps your wildest dreams aren’t quite wild enough. The musicianship alone is brilliant here, the song feels big – the set-up is bright and crisp and really well-crafted. You can feel that a full-band live show would be superb. Alongside of this runs the song, the familiar sound of the artist’s voice, the warmth, and the gradual build-up throughout the verses.

Structurally you really get a lot from how the song moves forwards. The story-line initially relates to every day feelings, then as you approach the hook, the safeness and comfort of routine is replaced by these possibilities, these hopes and dreams that we don’t dare to reach for. The way the chord progression and general increasing passion of the song pours through reflects the underlying development of ideas really well.

It’s a fantastic song, simple in nature – the comforting, nostalgic rhythm and honesty of a country pop-rock classic – but offering just that little something more to really shake things up. I’d say a gloomy Monday is the perfect time to stumble upon this one. It’s a pleasure to hear something new from Richard Schroder and Wildest Dreams ticks a lot of boxes.

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