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Richard Schroder Life Is Now


Superb production always lights up the organic country pop sound of Richard Schroder, and this single is far from the exception.

Bright and engaging from the outset, Life Is Now lifts you up with its immediate musical brightness, and continues to elevate you all the more so with its hopeful, inspiring concept.

Featuring a classic arrangement and comforting progression, the single follows the lead of Richard’s increasingly recognisable voice. The melody in particular suits the uplifting nature of the lyrics beautifully, and Richard more than delivers on the underlying passion and promise of both.

Reflecting on the wasted days of searching for something that’s right in front of you, Life Is Now reminds us to celebrate the beauty all around – to be grateful for the little things, the way things are right now, and to not become consumed with worry about the future. Richard reflects on obsessive thoughts, mistakes that weigh us down, the time we spend dwelling on things yet to come – it’s relatable, and softly poignant.

The title says it all, the verses just reinforce its relevance to all of us – Life Is Now. What a beautifully connected time in all of our lives to reconsider this very fact.

‘Gonna go see an old friend – talk less and listen more.’

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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