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Richard Schroder Drivin’


Richard Schroder’s Drivin’ represents pretty well the very sound that thrives on any long drive home. The opening instrumentation features a full band sound and some stylish, unquestionably country-rock flickers of electric guitar. It sets a great mood, the soundscape is warm and hopeful, the music rising up from the verse to the chorus to really give that hook impact, and the melody portrayed with absolute passion and authenticity by the leading artist himself.

Drivin’ is a song that talks of the life of an artist and performer, detailing the live shows, the lifestyle, yet all as merely a side reference used to more effectively underline what the intent really is – this is a love song, and everything involved in the story telling is there to highlight how much more important the writer’s significant other is, that all else pales in comparison.

The song is well written and wonderfully performed, the production has managed to capture that live sound yet finish it all of with a crisp studio warmth that allows you to play it anywhere, in any setting, as loudly as you deem necessary. Richard Schroder’s voice has a genuine, heartfelt tone – it’s an accessible sound, not claiming to be on some other plain to the listener, but rather, expressing as if this is precisely the kind of person they can relate to. The story has relevance, the relationship aspect is something most people can relate to, and the full throttle energy of the country-rock build up makes this a great go-to track for those long hours spent driving. It’s a solid release and you can tell that a live show would sound about as close to the original as possible.

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Rebecca Cullen

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