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Richard Schroder Almost An Angel


Richard Schroder’s latest single is a bright and hopeful one that offers simple good vibes and an upbeat level of energy that fills the room with warmth. Schroder’s ever-familiar, country-style vocal tone and delivery, even his manner of crafting melodies, presents itself from the offset, but behind this is a much more pop-rock aura and a near-genre-less sense of beauty and togetherness; all of which speaks largely in favour of his songwriting.

Almost An Angel is a refreshing single to hear right about now. As always, the effort and passion that Schroder pours into his music is unquestionable. What you get here is something with a notably nostalgic vibe but also a clear-cut sense of freshness – these ideas and this sound seems fairly new, exciting to stumble upon and not least of all because you can hear that same excitement in the performance. In addition, the song has a great hook  – simple again, but effective in making certain you know it by the end; and are even left humming it or missing its presence when the whole thing comes to a close.

This upbeat offering from Richard Schroder comes as a fitting follow-up and progression from his previous releases. His passion for music always stands tall, but in certain songs, this one in particular, he showcases a genuine passion and lust for life itself. The relationship and the descriptive nature of the lyrics at the heart of the song shout out for positivity and hold close to a pretty blissful view of the world. The simple purity of the concept meets with the authenticity in the delivery and quickly becomes something that’s easy to enjoy.

As a modern day love song, it’s refreshing – classic yet new, poetic and accessible, and surprisingly (refreshingly) upbeat – the perfect contemporary country single to be shared between lovers far and wide.

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