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Richard Maxwell The Weight Of The Moment


Skillfully capturing a precise and fairly profound balance between the delicacy of its artwork and the contrasting weight of the moment, Richard Maxwell delivers a brilliantly original collection of instrumentals.

Showcasing hypnotic piano-work and heavier rock tendencies in line with subtle acoustic strums and an overall cinematic, structured progression, A Slow Burn keeps things aptly-titled and ultimately explosive as it introduces the project.

Maxwell is no stranger to the music realm, and the detail and passion of this opener underlines that well – paving the way beautifully for what proves a fairly unrivaled and consistently enjoyable release.

We shift gears towards a more anthemic rock backbone for Open Letters In Closed Hands. Conceptually intriguing, and also now recognizably Maxwell in terms of this multi-layered piano, guitar, bass and drums approach, the track offers a somewhat more dreamy arrangement – the sort that quickly prompts the mind to wander as the pulse rises.

Creative expression and freedom take the lead more notably for the wonderful Seven Dances (with 10). A refreshingly original style that again masterfully incorporates juxtaposition between moments, this central track takes listeners on a provocative and powerful journey, with equal parts familiar and unorthodox or otherworldly intricacies.

Something of an eighties vibe and unexpected optimism uplifts for Darker Lights, before the bonus track Start From Where leads with stripped-back solo piano to recapture that sense of the individual devoted to the emotions and possibilities that lie within music.

The closing track gathers subtle momentum throughout, weaving in aspects of electronic sound-play for a charming fusion of genres and an ultimately blissful hit of escapism.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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