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Richard Lynch Cut and Paste


Cut and Paste is a song that exemplifies, without question, the essence of what country music sounds like. Richard Lynch is an authentic artist of the genre, through and through, and the sound is blissfully easy to listen and unwind to.

What’s particularly interesting about this song, is that the instrumentation sets a certain organic, beautifully mellow and simple vibe – the smoothness of the strings and the acoustic guitar sound, the softness and emotional presence of the artist’s leading voice. However, the lyrics to the song touch explicitly on the ways of the modern world – the evolution of technology, the ways in which communicating and connecting with each has changed, and the effect that this has on relationships. The contrast between the imagery and story telling of the lyrics, and the peaceful simplicity of the music, is quite striking.

The song works well because at its core it’s a love song, the sort of song that each and every one of us relates to at some time or other. The added twist is the artist’s references to how things have changed, how he can no longer write a letter confessing his love or reaching out to someone, that instead it has to be an email or something electronic. The heart of the story telling is the love, and the references simply describe the journey leading up to that – the things required to fill in those gaps or those distances. On the one hand, the music has a melancholy sense of heartache to it, and on the other – the lyrics really seem set to bring a smile to the face of anyone from similar generations who have witnessed the move from paper to PC. It’s a clever combination, and the sound on the whole is beautiful. Richard Lynch’s voice was made to sing in this style, it comes through as extremely genuine and warm.

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Rebecca Cullen

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