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Richard James Grist If You’re Wrong


Sometimes a simple acoustic ambiance and a string of lyrics that matter or mean something are all that’s needed to make a song connect. If You’re Wrong, by artist and songwriter Richard James Grist, is an ideal example. From the moment you press play, the subtle instrumentation of a delicate country-inspired soundscape softly emerges, followed soon after by an equally calming leading voice, the likes of which then delivers a selection of poetic images and ideas that beautifully bring about this feeling of appreciation or gratitude.

The song offers up references to some fairly intimate, conversational encounters between people who care about each other. It does so, however, in a slightly less than obvious manner. There’s a subtlety that runs through everything involved in the crafting of the single, a certain fusing of the deeply personal and the widely accessible. The songwriting takes details from these private encounters or perspectives, and this makes it far more interesting than a perhaps blatantly themed pop song might be.

It’s a beautiful way to write. The imagery is superb, the artist paints a stunning picture before you – detailing these clear yet simultaneously ambiguous thoughts that really draw you in. The same sentiment can be found in the song’s hook, in the title – in that central line that is the main thing you’re likely to take away from this song. The simple ambiance of the music is gorgeous, a live show would work well even just with the artist and his guitar leading the way. In addition though, that intriguing element of expression really brings something new and unexpected to the stage.

Richard James Grist is a musician and Mental health Social Worker. He states that he finds inspiration when helping people get back on their feet. The more you take into account the man behind the music, the more strongly it seems to connect. If You’re Wrong is a surprisingly powerful song that will prove very easy to revisit time and time again.

“After working in the area of Mental health, I have come to appreciate that the simple things, that we often take for granted, are often the most important. When I write about these things the songs tend to turn out more relevant & meaningful”. – Richard James Grist.

If You’re Wrong will be available as of March 2nd. Find & follow Richard James Grist on Facebook. Visit his Website for more information.

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