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Ricardo Preschel Gloria


Dreamy electronica of distorted, ethereal depths meets with the simple organic humanity of a piano and vocal progression, as Portuguese producer and composer Ricardo Preschel crafts the haunting and emotive Gloria.

Featuring quietly expressive, soulful and devoted, aching vocals from singer Ronniejy, Gloria follows an increasingly heavy, immersive pathway through various layers of rhythm, synth, bass and industrial weight.

With flickers of sci-fi detailing panning from either side, the mix is unpredictable, but the notably personal, reflective and diary-like lyrical outpouring provides a clear thread of exploration, keeping the concept grounded as the musicality meanders and ascends.

Having risen to prominence with the band V Imperio during the nineties, the now London-based artist Preschel delivers a vastly unique, unorthodox and strangely hypnotic sound and style. Gloria marks a bold example of these qualities.

Familiar in subtle doses, otherwise unknown and alluring in its depth and uncertainty, the single introduces a new creative route with fearless commitment to the moment.

Single out May 1st. Check out Ricardo Preschel on Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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