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RGF Blue Angel


In among the excitement and chaos of this track are one or two magnetic lyrics that refocus you quite instantly as they explode into the room. RGF have a classic, carefree, passionate punk-rock sound that feels totally nostalgic right now.

Blue Angel actually has a notably joyful sounding melody. The music has grit, without a doubt – the distortion, the drum-line, the leading vocals, the weight of it all – but as the first verse emerges, alongside of that ascending guitar riff, there’s something very hopeful and, rightfully, angelic about the sound. It’s a strange combination but you fall for it more and more so as the song progresses.

On second and third listen, you start to form a total understanding with the sound and it becomes this comforting, familiar piece of expression. It screams on your behalf, letting out those peak moments of emotion in an intense and satisfying way, so you don’t need to blow up or overreact to life, you just need to press play. The riffs and the movement, the evolution throughout, the leading vocalist’s level of character and connection to the song – every musician involved showcases that same center of passion and connection.

Later on, after the mention of bringing a knife to a gun fight, the nostalgia grows stronger, and the intensity and weight of the track increase all the more. The music seems to cascade and collide around you, offering up these final few moments that seem perfectly fit for a spontaneous mosh pit. The song has a surefire level of familiarity about it once you’ve heard it a couple of times over, it’s recognisable, particularly among today’s musical soundscape – the band do their thing well.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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