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RevivedB Monochrome


RevivedB produces music that’s blissfully easy to escape into right now. Offering up the absolute warmth of gliding waves of synths, the dreamlike rhythms of classic EDM, and a beautifully striking use of contrast between distorted flickers of fuzz and that which more delicately rains down around you – Monochrome is a stunning electronic composition; one that can and will take your mind wherever it needs to go.

Rarely do you come across a near-five-minute track these days and still find yourself thinking it wasn’t quite long enough. RevivedB has crafted such an elegant, entrancing soundscape, that the impact of silence afterwards is far too unpleasant to even toy with. An easy must for the long-term EDM catalogue, Monochrome is mellow yet uplifting – not hard-hitting or heavy, but finely built with a thoughtful gathering of elements and a perfectly engaging overall output that’s clearly the work of an artist with a genuine love for the genre.

The art of music production is often lost among gimmicks and quirks in modern playlists, but this track drives with the heart of dance – that rhythm and the various stages, somewhat dark and rightfully connected to the underlying sentiments – whatever these may be for each listener – these are the things that help make it an easy go-to. A pleasure to have fill the room and I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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