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Rev. Peter Unger Heaven Only Knows


Heaven Only Knows is a beautifully written and performed song. The double acoustic guitar sound is immediately familiar after reviewing the artist’s track Fall Away last October, and this comes as a welcome and comforting return.

The song is openly warm and declarative of the songwriter’s true feelings. It comes as an honest and proud dedication to a faith, and everything from the chords chosen, to the performance, the added instrumental riffs, and the gentle and very real sound of the leading voice – it all plays a part in reinforcing this honesty and this dedication. In terms of songwriting, the verse melodies are very easy to listen to, they draw focus to the words – this again is underlined further by the minimal use of instrument variation – and the hook section is undeniably memorable.

The key line is one that many people will already be familiar with as a common phrase, and so to give it a melody in this case is to add a great level of appeal. The song comes with an optimistic energy, and the performance has a calmness to it that adds further to this hopeful and peaceful ambiance. There is talk of a struggle in the lyrics, a consistent effort to find satisfaction, and all of this is directed via a one on one conversational style. All of this gives off the impression for the listener that they are something of a fly on the wall, peering in on something deeply personal and reflective, and this again adds a level of interest.

The song stays with you long after listening, and the sound that Rev. Peter Unger expresses in general is of a certain persuasion that soon becomes familiar and enjoyable to listen to. You can head over to Reverbnation to hear the song Heaven Only Knows. 

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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