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Rev. Peter Unger Fall Away


This is a beautiful song, backed up by a beautiful duo of acoustic guitars – each playing independently, to create a gorgeously fitting and soothing sort of atmosphere. The lyrics have a hymn-like honesty and openness to them, and behind this; those guitars build a fairly unusual backdrop – a strong and effective sort of unusual – which works really well.

The two leading instrumental parts offer up different riffs, which is something that is not often heard in modern music, and in fact it gives off a sense of medieval musical inspiration at times. Everything about the recording of this song is somewhat uncommon and unpredictable, and for these reasons it really holds your attention as you listen – the focus is on the words, the softness of the vocal performance draws further attention to these, and the music is kept fairly minimalist to enhance the whole theme further.

The artist is a skilled songwriter and musician, this much is undeniable, and what’s more is that he’s entirely true to himself and his heart’s desire to make art. It’s refreshing to listen to these songs, as they have a nostalgic sort of warmth to them, but they’re songs with unheard melodies and undiscovered character to them – all of which is a welcome sort of new. It’s music doing what it intends to do, and all in all it makes for a really pleasant and calming listening experience.

One thing that is almost certain about the song is that a live performance would be everything you can hear on the recording and more. The openness transcends the words, and so the feeling you get from the music is likely to be multiplied by witnessing it being performed in realtime. Worth looking out for if you’re in Pennsylvania or close by.

Rev. Peter Unger has an impressive collection of songs available for listeners to experience and embrace. Find out more about him and hear more of his music over on Reverbnation.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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