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Reniery La Lucha


From the classic confidence of an anticipation-driven intro, Reniery goes on to kick off this single with a quickly catchy, surprisingly melodic hook vocal. This is followed by an equally unexpected, rhythmic and higher energy rap verse, and all of these are qualities that speak volumes on behalf of the range of styles at play – and the ease with which the artist can switch up his flow.

La Lucha illuminates all of this, introducing a wholly unique artist, a story-teller, with a superb sense of identity to both his music and his bars.

Musically there’s an eletro-pop and mainstream kind of colour and softness. Then you get that melodic moment, and a subsequent second melody that’s just as engaging, and the whole thing effectively finds itself roaming through uncharted territory.

Multiple different sections make for something far from the standard verse-chorus set-up, yet all of these sections work as well as the last – infectious lines, poetry and personal observations pouring through intermittently.

La Lucha is a strong track, a fine introduction to Reniery, and hopefully a fitting indication of what fans can look forward to over the coming months and years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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