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Renado Saco Until The Sun Needs To Rise (Rufus De Sol Remix)


Introducing some brand new tracks from creative producer Renado Saco, the first being a uniquely ambient, trippy and hypnotic re-working of Rufus De Sol’s Until The Sun Needs To Rise.

Immediately the detail impresses, the track takes its time to envelop the listener in the warmth of synth and the delicate soul of the voice and these whispered ideas and images. Slowly but surely the energy and brightness rise in unison, the volume increasing to strengthen that grip on the listener.

Then in true summer dance fashion, the second third sees the bass and beat drop in to completely revitalise the vocal and progression. New layers, new intricacies, a certain passionate revamping of what’s already familiar.

Beautifully crafted in its evolution, suddenly what we were awaiting is here – the voice, too quiet before, gorgeous but distant, now up front and holding us closely within the mix. The whole thing is incredibly immersive at volume, and makes for an easy hit of emotive escapism right now.

Furthering Saco’s reach is an equally stunning and creative yet brief and stylistically more bold Love Stronger, with Kaz James and Ali Love. The sound-play here takes things to new levels, the panning and fades, the vocal play and the overall tribal groove or bounce – all of this blends well with the gentle and breathy soulfulness of the quiet vocals amidst the outer edges.

And to bring in an unmistakable classic from decades past, Saco reimagines the timeless ATB hit 9pm Till I Come, drenching the unforgettable riff with layers of reverb and echoing synths for an otherworldly blast of nostalgia and uncertainty combined. Somewhat haunting as it meanders towards its peak, with circus details raining down and peculiar melodic additions creating a cinematic detour that captivates.

In short, Renado Saco has a deeply artistic way with production, a clear ear for musicality but a strong-standing desire to mix things up in unpredictable ways at the very same time. Refreshingly interesting EDM for the fine-tuned fan who’s grown tired of the same old remedies.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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