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Ren Daversa Cut and Dried


Ren Daversa’s songwriting style is refreshingly free from the confines of a standard pop structure and set-up. Though the familiar building blocks are there (the progression makes sense and satisfies as it should), for the most part the song follows the naturally varied levels of passion inherent in the story-line.

The melody rises and falls in a long-form fashion, and that helps hold your interest throughout. A growing sense of weight and the use of contrast between this and the quieter moments helps give the song an effectively interesting aura, right the way through. The lyrics also grow more intriguing with each new verse, so the set-up and the leading voice work in unison to this effect.

The track feels bigger than it ought to, a well-crafted soundscape helps reinforces the progression through sections. A warm yet thoughtful Americana vibe emerges, a thick bass-line and organic drum-work guide the way. The melody entrances quickly, and brief flickers of electric guitar help add a sense of calm – even when the lyrics start to darken and intensify.

A taster from the upcoming album Saltwater, Cut and Dried is easy to appreciate and makes for a strong introduction to the artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

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