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Remy de Laroque STAR CODE


Beautifully enchanting, original and pure all at once – Remy de Laroque refreshes and appeals from the outset with this stunning and intimate EP STAR CODE.

BEE DREAMING opens things up perfectly well. Consider that looping guitar riff, the breathy vocal and authentically new melody. There are aspects of familiarity amidst this haunting progression, but we rise for optimism occasionally, and the sheer identity of the voice, the delicacy and expressiveness, alongside the poetic depth and resolve of the lyrics, all proves increasingly hypnotic.

A beautifully crisp sound, and interesting in topic – the kind of songwriting and presentation that gifts a little more to the listener with each revisit. This comes in the form of lyrical connection, hidden gems, and the overall use of contrast between calm and intensity; which urges you to turn up the volume and wholly commit to the journey.

It’s an eclectic four-song project, but the songwriting is an absolute strength, and Remy keeps things relatable yet personal, and continuously offers exciting twists on the comfort of mainstream folk-pop.

Heartbreaking and hopeful, contemplative and provocative, musically faultless. An easy dream to escape into.

Check out STAR CODE via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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