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Remorsefully Numb Forfeit


Remorsefully Numb impress in an instant with these classic hard-rock vibes and the quick and captivating rise to full-throttle, distorted energy and melodic entrance.

Forfeit feels like a hit from yesteryear in many ways, the sort of track that would grace the stage at Leeds Festival back in the day yet seems all but gone from the airwaves in recent years. Despite that nostalgia though, Remorsefully Numb offer a refreshing fusion of melody and grit – crisp and clean guitars contrast with fuzz and intensity, the leading vocalist also performs in a freely expressive and meandering fashion that underlines delicacy and power intermittently.

All of this is stylistic, musical, of course – underneath it all is the songwriting, and this is where so many bands fall short. In this case, Forfeit is a genuinely fascinating song, structured in a manner that effectively represents the story-line by means of every single element – not just the lyrics. The band pour their personal vulnerabilities and difficulties into the song, as well as their optimism and their search for a better day. This connects in an instant with listeners who seek out precisely this kind of openness and intensity to escape within.

On top of that, Remorsefully Numb as a band undoubtedly present an impressive level of unity – the sections of the song offer notable complexity in terms of musicianship and performance, again reinforcing the fact that a festival or bigger indie stage would be the perfect setting in which to witness the song and the band in real time.

A great sound, authentic and passionate, skillful, intentional – I look forward to the longer project.

Download or stream the single on all platforms from June 18th. Find & follow Remorsefully Numb on Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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