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To stumble upon Hertfordshire trio Reed on Soundcloud is to separate yourself entirely from your worries or negativity. Ted’s Song is a beautiful place to start, and by all accounts the sound really is of it’s own, unique approach to music and creativity.

As a form of expression it brings something fresh and new for audiences to experience and embrace. The opening few moments of acoustic guitar are played with a skill and softness that sets the scene superbly. As the flute and viola come into play, the track’s leading riff makes itself known, and the whole thing develops into a newly familiar and comforting piece of music. The guitar picking evolves into a strum, the intensity lifts just slightly, but always returning to that easy listening and heavily joyful ambiance.

The song somehow offers up a feeling of poetry – if ever music itself, without lyricism, were to represent the art of imagery. There are spoken words to the track that appear just briefly, the music calms itself down a little to make room for the ideas and images presented by the voice, but it’s more than this section alone that causes your mind to wander somewhere peaceful. The sound of this particular combination of instruments, and indeed, that leading, consistent riff, expresses a deeply thought provoking piece of escapism. You do in fact, very cleverly, find yourself feeling as though your drifting with the breeze on a green Irish hill.

The song is beautifully thoughtful with each and every moment that passes, and this is what you can expect from the music of Reed on the whole. The minimalist, utterly organic sounds that provide the building blocks for the music have something very honest and real about them, and the result is something that feels extremely genuine. The musicianship is ever skillful and always unique to the sound the band represent. Well worth a listen. If you’re in Hertfordshire this weekend you can catch them playing at The Black Horse (Hertford) for St Patrick’s Night on Friday.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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