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Raz Hardy & The Mich Kidd Authors of Ambition


An always impressive Raz Hardy starts off the new year with a collaborative project that hits greater peaks still – introducing the brilliantly uplifting, inspiring and immersive Authors of Ambition.

Driven by the fearless nature of living for pursuit of a dream, Raz Hardy and The Mich Kidd join forces and showcase a clearly united wavelength throughout this five-track, ambient yet energising EP.

The opening nostalgic rhythms and cleanly mixed hip hop chorus of AOA, essentially the title-track, makes for a bold and beautiful beginning. AOA celebrates identity, unique qualities as strengths, and focuses on the image of the goal and the required drive and work ethic united – the dreamy music, the hard-hitting rhythm and vocals, the stops and the starts; the euphoric drops into energy and possibility.

Execute follows and lo-fi, cinematic production takes the reigns as those now immediately familiar and naturally inspiring vocals guide us towards more positivity and self-belief.

Featuring the additional vocals of a calm, stylish and focused Dizze Chill, this one welcomes in a yesteryear vibe that’s as poetic as it is hypnotic from start to finish.

With Prove, suddenly we’re reminded of the creative nature of Raz Hardy‘s work flow – enter distorted electric guitar, meandering and unpredictable, and a smooth, deeply contemplative and refreshingly honest vocal line; alongside a wash of synths and distant rhythms that quickly envelop you. A personal favourite for its revealing display of vulnerability, and the genuinely moving, almost freestyle nature of the melodic hook.

On The Road brings back the fullness of the opener, the voices united amidst a loaded soundscape and a couple of varied flows for dynamic throughout.

Then we get the haunting and thoughtful closer The Get Off, somewhat classic hip hop and alternative dance artistically fused – dreamy as ever, aptly ambitious in both lyric and musicality. The intensity of the verse raises the pulse, and the quick shifting between rappers helps further the evolving landscape of the whole track in a way that keeps you compelled to listen closely throughout. It’s one last blast of inspiring energy – a pair of central characters born to perform and guide listeners towards a sense of self-empowerment, awareness and action.

Creatively strong for both its variety and threads, Authors of Ambition makes for a welcomed hit of essential influence, which confidently blends yesterday and tomorrow in a likable, authentically hopeful manner.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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