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Rayne Michael Everytime (Prod. by KMakesBeats)


Rayne Michael hits with impact on his latest release. Everytime is a song that emerges slowly, producer KMakesBeats has crafted a softly ambient soundscape that sets the scene well and backs up the development and underlying sentiment of the song effectively. It’s a strong beat, creatively fresh yet not trying too hard to be something its not – the simplicity of the piano part contrasts with the tripped-up nature of the drum line and creates something smooth and quite hypnotic.

Rayne Michael’s songwriting works in unison with the music, utilising each moment and either building up or falling away appropriately with each passing section. This progression is shown in the changing melody line and in the increasing levels of passion detectable in the artist’s leading voice. It also shows itself in the lyrics, to an extent – the song holds nothing back for the most part, getting straight to the point, keeping the honesty consistent and making no secret of the difficulty endured in the relationship at hand.

As things move forward, there’s definitely a sense of resolve with the lyrics. The opening verse details the struggle, the latter sections explore how this was overcome, and then finally you get to the now – the state of having moved on. There’s still a bitterness in the sound, but this adds to the authenticity of the emotion. You can hear the pain at certain times, and at other times you can hear the determination.

Everytime is a hard hitting song, as stated – the style of the presentation fuses a little of the hip hop world with something a touch more RnB inspired. There’s also an electronic rock edge that appears on occasion, keeping creative freedom a part of the process and really just letting the song stand tall in itself.

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