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Raymond Revel Fantasy


Raymond Revel stands tall on the strength of compelling, authentic and poetic songwriting with this release. The opening words alone shine with genuine heart and soul amidst a purely acoustic guitar-led backdrop…

* * *

What have I built? A kingdom with such insecurity…

* * *

As the song progresses, the details unfold subtly but surely, laying bare a tale of melancholy following elation and love. Revel’s poetry meets with a certain intimacy, a pure and emotive addressing of a significant other, which has the effect of feeling as if this was written solely for one person, and we are just collateral beneficiaries. This gives a sort of fly on the wall sense of realness; it makes the song more captivating.

What’s beautiful about Fantasy is how delicately familiar it is, how warming the sound yet how loaded with longing and uncertainty the lyrics are – and indeed Revel’s own nearly whispered leading voice. The completed piece manages to be exclusive and welcoming all at once – these personal references are actually decidedly vague; enough so to be made your own as you listen through. Thus is the calling card of a powerful song.

Lovely. Truthful, thoughtful songwriting, and a skillful, softly passionate performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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