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Ray Dickerson’s Command and Control Dixie


Raymond Dickerson keeps classic funk and soul alive in one mighty swoop with this single Dixie. Bringing together raw vocals, an infectious rhythm, and a rock and roll edge that emerges during the latter half, the song offers a whole host of musical perks that work wonderfully in uplifting and energizing the room.

Dixie is a song with a vintage feel to it, both in terms of the musical set-up and the way the song has been written. There’s less of a pop-inspired verse-chorus system taking place, more of an outpouring of free creativity and expressive musicianship. Similarly to the way that genuine jazz follows its own rules and presents itself however the moment requires, or however the artist deems necessary, Dixie flies through with a certain air of spontaneity – feeling rooted within its own ideas and a few central moments of melody, but still somewhat impossible to predict.

In many ways, this recording feels like a live performance. It takes you back to a simpler time, a smokey jazz and soul bar where people go to drink and dance and enjoy each other’s company. There’s a joyful aura of togetherness to the whole track that makes it easy to let play as an early evening party starter. At the same time, that live sound aspect makes you keen to witness this at a show. The full band set-up is likely to be something fit to accompany that essential escapism we all seek out at the end of a long week. The vocals and indeed the musicianship – every instrumental layer involved – all present a fine fusion of passion, creativity, and professionalism; so there’s likely to be an additionally mesmerising element to the whole experience when taken on in the live setting.

As a single, there’s undoubtedly a level of character and freshness to this track that sets Ray Dickerson apart right now. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

Check out this interview with Ray Dickerson to find out more about him.

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