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Raw Soul Blurry (Prod. By JustDan Beats)


Raw Soul encapsulates the energy of his name with this blissfully nostalgic, jazz-cafe-esque journey through classic rap and hopeful, imagery-loaded lyricism.

Blurry is a smooth and calming piece of music and performance, tinted with sadness just briefly as it reflects on the difficulties of life, but focused for the most part on the simple good things there are to appreciate – the beautiful intricacies of life and the natural world.

Riding alongside a minimalist, piano-led beat from Producer JustDan Beats, Raw Soul takes an equally easy-going approach to performing, utilizing only the most relevant and thoughtful lyrics, thus keeping the mood hopeful and honest, personal yet not so much so that it excludes the listener – far from it.

Raw Soul could potentially connect with a broad array of listeners for these inclusive, deeply human observations and feelings. The quieter hook section in particular, the easy repeat of this idea that living is a mystery, what will be will be – it reaches out on a greater level, and works to unite us all in this bizarre and complex journey that is life. A pleasure to let play.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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