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Randall Lee Richards While You Were Sleeping


Randall Lee Richards is an artist with a uniquely delicate yet deep leading voice, one which delivers a string of emotionally honest, endearing lyrics, by means of a simple and satisfying melody. While You Were Sleeping is a classically structured pop-country offering that creates an arena of warmth for listeners, as well as inspiring loyalty and love.

The song has been written with the intention of directly addressing a significant other. The lyrics touch on intimacy and those moments that couples share away from the noise of the world. Despite this inherent personal touch, the whole thing has been crafted in a way that makes it widely accessible. The reflective nature of the story telling and the expression connects in a way that could be relevant to any number of audiences. The dedication, the desire, the longevity – the values embedded throughout the song are the sort that reach out in a deeply human way. That personal touch adds something very real and honest, so you get the best of both worlds.

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Musically speaking the song progresses in the way that any effective and heart warming ballad should. The verses are notably gentle and smooth, leading up towards what is a surprisingly striking and powerful hook section. The chorus explodes into life, the instrumentation multiples, the leading voice rises distinctly in passion and volume – again staying true to the unfolding story-line and the underlying sentiment. The song is well written, beautifully performed, and produced to a crisp, professional, and satisfying level.

As his first single of the new year, While You Were Sleeping makes for the perfect re-awakening. Fortunately there’s plenty to discover so far, and hopefully there’s a lot more to come from the well received musician and songwriter.

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