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Randall Lee Richards A Heartbreak in the Making


Randall Lee Richards’ return this summer brings a huge anti-ballad of sorts, an emotionally powerful song with a strong country backbone and a concept that quickly moves from the aesthetically appreciative to the undeniably honest and concerned.

It’s a simple song at heart, the fleeting appeal of a certain character who turns heads in the bar; Richards’ voice and his lyrical delivery feels familiar during these verses. When the hook hits though, the mood changes – the height of the expression and the passion are all met brilliantly by the singer and by the surrounding musicianship. The hook is the moment of realization, the resolve in a way – the delicate dreams of the verses are seen for what they really are, or rather – this character is seen for what she really is. It’s a concept many listeners will easily relate to.

Subject matter aside for a moment, Randall Lee Richards never fails to craft classically warm and uplifting soundscapes that hold close to the essence of country music. This latest single is no exception, far from it – the song builds up beautifully and the artist’s leading voice perfectly adjusts to the ongoing growth.

From a distance this is simply an effective ballad with a soft rock edge, likely to draw a crowd for its big band feel and for the superb performance Richards himself puts in at every step. Once you get a little closer or allow the song in though, the concept is one that’s both relatable and not often touched upon in modern music. There’s something very 90’s pop about much of it, and this, fused with that authentic country vibe that runs deep in Richards’ approach to creativity, makes for a widely accessible, easy to recognise piece of music and writing.

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