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Ramsey My Time’s Run Out


The UK’s own Ramsey is an acoustic artist with an eclectic array of covers and originals working their way into the spotlight. His latest video brings through a Muse-like style of songwriting – a professionally crafted, long-form story-line and structure, with a raspy, passionate and soulful vocal; the sort that screams out on behalf of the song’s underlying sentiments.

Pairing fast-paced acoustic guitar strumming with a smooth and almost grunge-like vocal drone, My Time’s Run Out lays bare an artist at one with his thoughts. There’s immediately a rhythm, a fresh melody, and a sense of honesty – all of which connects with ease thanks to the realness of the format and the intimacy and vulnerability of the performance.

While there’s an admittedly raw and somewhat vintage appearance to the video and audio quality, this can be known to help elevate the DIY aspect. These are the artists working hard on the songwriting, pouring their heart and soul into the performance – rather than simply cashing up on effects and set-ups in the hoping of being louder than the competition.

This is still early days for Ramsey, but his voice has the tone and character to hit with unique impact, and the emotion he injects into every release offers a genuine moment of humanity and natural talent.

A live acoustic show, in real time, is undoubtedly where these songs and this artist would connect all the more profoundly with an audience.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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