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Ralph George This Feeling Of Ecstacy


This introduction to the artist Ralph George is a song that begins with a kind of classic pop aura – a heartfelt string of reflective lyrics, a sense of rising anticipation, and a notably artistic performance in the accompanying video. Soon enough though, the true core of the track emerges – the music builds up beautifully, and with it the song’s underlying sentiment reaches new peaks of expression.

The drop to the instrumental hook is superb, a brilliant way to encompass the very concept of This Feeling Of Ecstasy – there’s an EDM edge to the whole thing that’s completely unexpected but wonderfully uplifting and satisfying as it rains down around you. There’s also plenty of recognizibility to the song, to this instrumental drop in particular but also to Ralph George’s voice. His delivery brings character and a memorable, unique tone and style, so these qualities all band together to make sure you know at all times whose work this is.

As suggested, the track begins as one thing, then evolves to become something else entirely. That instrumental drop is stunning and perfectly well-suited to any number of remixes or any array of dance-floors catering to the various sub-genres of EDM. This Feeling Of Ecstacy grows to become more likable with each re-visit. Though there’s something of a lo-fi finish to the track at first, a sense of distance in terms of the voice, and a nostalgic set-up in general, it works well in this context – and everything is rightfully resolved as that mighty instrumental break drops in. An energizing and simultaneously emotional, honest piece of writing and performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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