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Introducing a blissfully genuine, musically calming and conceptually honest display of humanity – musician and artist Rainbrain offers the embrace of organic escapism throughout a beautiful, self-titled EP.

Stunning vocals, really – heartbreakingly delicate yet devotedly passionate in the same instance; a rare balance to hear.

The backdrop for Coast is simple, the easy sway of an electric guitar riff, the single looping tap of a hi-hat in the distance, a touch of reverb. The voice guides things, elevates them, with a doubled effect reinforcing that and helping give the whole arrangement a much bigger, more immersive feel.

Poetry stands tall – the lyrics take a backseat to the overall vibe, but those that reach out intrigue and connect, draw you in closer, and allow the melody and the title to prove memorable.

We’re off to a strong start, and the rest of the project fortunately follows suit. Rainbrain has a style, it’s organic and authentic, soulful yet raw, pure, and quickly sets the mood.

Days follows on, that soothing RnB vocal meeting with a sudden inflection of emotional desperation from the guitar performance and indeed the uncertainty of the lyrics.

With Pink Lamp we get a quicker pace, those jazz drums lifting the energy alongside a much-welcomed, extensive and distorted electric guitar solo. Well-placed within the EP for a sheer hit of connection and commitment to the moment from both artist and listener.

Spinning rounds things up with a touch of Elliott Smith-style acoustic strumming and that reverb-kissed electric united. The vocals are melancholic, tired, deeply personal in the story they deliver. It’s melodically simple yet effective, strangely catchy; addictive even with the short lines and the clear sense of rising anticipation. A natural favourite, familiar yet fresh, intimate yet relatable, and profoundly easy to escape into.

On reflection though, this is true of the entire Rainbrain EP. A pleasure to know about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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