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Rafi Bar Beginning (Deluxe)


The self-penned unconventional producer and one-man-band Rafi Bar emerges in 2020 with an EP of original soundscapes that push the creative boundaries in subtle yet satisfying ways.

From acoustic beginnings, blending organic riffs and rhythms, to synth-soaked EDM hooks and dreamlike instrumental escapism, the project Beginning (Deluxe) offers a sublime alternative to the simplicity of modern pop.

City Boy is a beautiful piece of music, and a fine way to kick off the EP. Coming in at just under the three-minute mark, the track offers multiple layers of uniquely crafted color and detail, taking listeners on an uplifting, awakening and joyful journey through skillful musicianship and thoughtful sound design alike.

Manana then injects a quick rhythm and exotic sense of movement that tips its hat to salsa and hard-house all at once. That contrast between the organic and electronic worlds reaches immense peaks here, and Rafi showcases impressive attention to detail once again. The track progresses in a story-like, cinematic fashion, juxtaposing lightness with weight in a powerful, energizing manner.

Quick riffs return and intertwine for the almost haunting, late-night hit of manic intensity that is Sindersky. A brilliantly unique piece, fusing the power of EDM and house with the absolute creativity of a free-spirited orchestra.

Rafi Bar is paving the way with style, making certain there are recognisable traits to all of his work. Index follows on almost like a sequel, making perfect sense and satisfying that inherent need to amp things up once again; following a brief moment of mellow contemplation. Originality shines brightly amidst these familiar, effective building blocks that beg for you to turn up the volume.

Fall Away settles briefly down to delicacy with a retro opening melodic section and a series of moments that subsequently work in unison to take you back up. There’s a strong sense that a live performance would be mesmerising. Defiantly a composer with his own air of individuality.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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