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Rachel Reese Dozen Roses


Rachel Reese has written a catchy country pop song entitled Dozen Roses, one that leads with relatable emotion and a sense of empowerment or learning to overcome. The track is easily memorable, even among an ocean full of songs from the pop-country tag – there’s something quickly likable about this. It offers a subtle but certain ear-worm; not intrusive, but cleverly making certain you’ll remember and recognise it.

Dozen Roses has a great musical set-up, the country warmth and the guitar twang backs up Reese’ leading voice in a fitting way. Her vocal and the song’s concept and melody undoubtedly drive the piece, there’s a certain delicacy to the sound but this is not in the face of real passion as the topic and its details pour through. Perhaps there’s something inherently familiar and subsequently comforting about the leading melody and riff – nothing in particular comes to mind, it’s just a song that’s been well written so as to connect and entertain even a wider audience without difficulty.

At four minutes twenty in length, the song plays out for a little longer than your average radio-ready release, but that just means it gets more time to capture your affection. The second time you hear it, those opening chords and that riff strike up a memory pretty instantly, and then when the vocal melody comes in – those short lines, and indeed the story – everything falls into place. The hook in particular, and certain lines paving the way to it, offers a bigger moment that absolutely seals the deal.

Good musicianship is something you can find almost everywhere these days, good songwriting on top of that though is a little more rare. This song settles in and works its magic in a humble, enjoyable way. Everything about it has just enough character to strengthen the central sound and keep you involved.

Visit Rachel Reese’ Website for more information.

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