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Rachel Dawick The Boundary Riders


We’re showcasing today a particularly unique and wonderful artist, who has done something truly extraordinary with her talent. Not only is Rachel Dawick something of a pioneer herself, for embarking upon a journey to explore and share the somewhat unspoken history of women from her country’s past, but she has become so by means of a truly breathtaking collection of stories and music.

The Boundary Riders is an absolute gem of history, courage, and musical talent combined. An unmissable work of art, a stunning journey of one woman, encapsulating the stunning stories of six others. Entirely commendable, worthy of so much respect, and genuinely an epic album of top quality songs and music.

Some often heart breaking stories are told through gorgeous folk style lyrics, a soothing, raspy yet gentle voice, and cleverly contrasting music that is filled with good vibes and captivating riffs. A strong reminder for us all to take the time out to listen, learn, and know about the world we live in.

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“The Boundary Riders is a double album, released on the date of the Women’s Vote in New Zealand in 1893. The album follows the journey of six women from the 1800s in NZ – the goldminer, the prostitute, the magician, the washer woman, the missionary, the fraudster. The book that was especially made to go with the album includes the show album.”

To give you a taster of what lies within, the song below is taken from The Boundary Riders, and tells the story of Barbara Weldon. It’s a personal favourite in the collection (though this is a statement that changes every time I listen, as they’re all completely compelling in their own ways) In this particular song, the story and the melody surround you in such a way that you feel entirely involved. The music really takes you back in time; a wonderful thing to achieve, and extremely rare. An amazing songwriter and artist. Have a listen..

To get yourself a much needed copy of the incredible work of art that is The Boundary Riders, head over to Rachel Dawick’s Official Website. The whole package includes the Album, with all 13 songs, and the stunning book and show CD to accompany it. On top of all the work that was involved in creating this project; the research, the writing, the recording, finding the right musicians, booking the tour, doing the tour, plus a huge array of other things involved in creating and releasing such a unique and amazing project to the world.. On top of all this, Rachel even designed all of the artwork for the book and CD, which is, in itself, a beautiful collection of art. An incredible achievement, and one that we can all enjoy and learn from.

A hard working, superbly talented musician – more than worthy of your support, and well worth taking the time out to listen to. You can also follow Rachel Dawick on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a live show in your area, and if you head over to Soundcloud you can hear a gorgeous array of songs from Rachel’s previous projects; Ed’s Bar and Grill is another unmissable album, full of incredible songs.

We’ll leave you with this beautiful track – a cover song that Rachel performs with absolute grace – completely raw; just guitar and vocals – sounding sublime.. An incredible talent..

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