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Rachel Brunet Morning, Noon and Night


Classic pop-rock songwriting brings through a poetic ode to commitment and love, as Toronto’s Rachel Brunet delivers the nostalgic new country-kissed single Morning, Noon and Night.

Delving into precisely the adoring sentiments implied by its title, Morning, Noon and Night follows a sultry guitar line into short, accessible verses that pave the way melodically for the similar resolve of the hook. The music builds at this point, the energy multiplying throughout, and the fourth and final line of the chorus effectively satisfies as it wraps up each progression.

Comfortingly familiar in its organic set-up and the relatable tone and softness of Rachel’s voice, Morning, Noon and Night has the makings of an timeless indie hit – simple and easy going, catchy enough to leave its tune lingering once the music has ended.

There’s warmth in the topic and sound, as well as a touch of story and uncertainty along the way, and overall that smooth and hopeful musicality resounds as things move along.

Download Morning, Noon and Night via Bandcamp. Follow Rachel Brunet on Facebook & Instagram.

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