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Quidgybopper Ghosts of the Seven Subways


October 31st, 2015 – The release date of the long awaited album by one of the UK’s most creative and inspiring producers, Quidgybopper. ‘Ghosts of the Seven Subways’ is finally available for you to download, and we can officially confirm that it was more than worth the wait.

A truly inspired concept album; thirteen tracks of immensely creative, alternative, electronic music – an intriguing exploration of sounds and stories, featuring a stylish array of artists, vocalists and musicians.

“..an admiration for the unsettling eeriness of abandoned places, places that were once full of the vibrance of industry, the laughter of children, the hustle and bustle of daily life. Now left to decay in their dark and dingy, dilapidated states of suspended animation..” 

This is how Quidgybopper, AKA Jon Fleming, described his inspiration for the album. The result is a genuinely stunning collection of music, captivating from start to finish. Completely unique, in every possible way. A mass of dark and somewhat unorthodox subject matter, yet the whole thing is delivered in a way that is compelling, even comforting. A difficult thing to achieve, but perfectly mastered on this occasion.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the album teaser to get a taste for the superb artistry within..

“..to encapsulate the haunting beauty of this world and it’s inhabitants into a Dark Trip-hop/Electronica concept album..” Quidgybopper, on the intentions of the project.

A job incredibly well done. Listening to the musical variation, stylistically, between tracks like ‘God’, ‘All in My Mind’, and ‘Nobody Wins’, seems like an almost mix-tape kind of experience, yet there is an undeniable thread of the incomparable Quidgybopper sound holding it all together. A great album. An inspiring experience, superbly produced trip-hop and electronica.

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It’s an impressive project, consistently peaceful, and beautifully intriguing as every single track sets in. Stacked full of the unexpected, the experimental, the brilliantly melodic. Ghosts of the Seven Subways is unmissable; without doubt, one of 2015’s best album releases.

Not to be slept on, so get involved; play it often, play it loud. Share and comment; show the creator the love he deserves. Ghosts of the Seven Subways – OUT NOW.

Head over to the Website to find out more about the mighty album that is Ghosts of the Seven Subways. Follow on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter, to stay up to date on all things Quidgybopper.

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