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Queen Pepper Magic (Connie’s Song)


Fresh from the album True Stories, Vol. 1, Magic (Connie’s Song) introduces the deeply soulful and musically extraordinary strengths of Toronto’s Queen Pepper in a subtly powerful way.

Driving with a blissfully calming, quietly raspy yet upfront and clean-cut vocal line, the song builds upon its own majestic manner of melodic development and poetic insight in a slowly captivating fashion.

Seeing a handful of intricacies weave their way into the mix, enhancing its warmth but never taking anything away from the natural soul and passion of that leading voice, the track rises up from simple to sensational, and all the while holds close to an underlying sentiment and level of character that consistently impresses.

During the latter half, Queen Pepper takes full advantage of structure, utilizing the soundscape and the build-up to highlight a number of different flows and vocal styles. Always in keeping with her own identity though, the performance is mesmerizing in a natural and seemingly effortless manner. The hint of spoken word, the break from near-whispers to outright soul and grit – everything helps add dynamic to an already engaging and soothing piece of music and performance.

Beautiful, an increasingly impressive song, from an album and artist categorically worth discovering.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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