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Purple Tone Flower If I Were


Santiago artist and musician Purple Tone Flower lifts the mood and provokes deeper thought all at once with this brand new single.

Leading with an organic funk set-up, great guitar work and characterful vocals, the song showcases a strong use of melody and musical resolve.

The verses intrigue for their indie-rock call-out, plus this display of references to modern life and the mindset of many people. Then we get the anticipation of the pre-chorus, featuring some quick and impressive musicianship, followed by the smooth and joyful conclusion that is the song’s hook.

Following the satisfying hit of the hook, complete with its intriguing use of language and memorable lyricism, a greatly welcomed guitar solo proceeds to seduce and calm the room – creating a beach-side vibe that suits the ultimatum of the lyrical progression beautifully.

Towards the end, the artist loses himself entirely in the sentiment and the moment, playing and humming along in unison, offering a simple, good vibes kind of moment that’s a pleasure to listen to.

If I Were is a great song, simply put. Delivered with plenty of personality and a slightly nostalgic energy reminiscent of a simpler time. As an introduction to Purple Tone Flower, the single works brilliantly in laying out the foundations for a recognisable, enjoyable style.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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