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Puke and Barf Whiskey from Your Belly Button


Making their return this week, Puke and Barf storm back into your consciousness with the loud and heavy presence that is Whisky from Your Belly Button. Bringing together everything we expect from them, and nothing you can really expect at all, the song is intense and electronically distorted from start to finish. At the same time though, there are numerous distinctly recognisable riffs and moments of melody that give the song a definite sense of character. It’s memorable, it’s loaded with specific detail that adds consistently to the level of personality inherent within the sound.

Puke and Barf are still a fairly new musical project and it’s interesting to hear their sound pour through and evolve. In this case, the song has so much that gives it a clear identity, as well as having all of that which makes it feel intense and heavy. The song is light hearted in nature – the band name implies this anyway, as does the song title, as do the lyrics and indeed the accompanying video. The music contrasts with this easy-going aura and creates something that appears to, quite unquestionably, give no fucks whatsoever.

The track is high energy, high shock factor, as well as being creatively free from anything predictable or common. At the very same time though, the melody, the synths, the development of the soundscape – it all works hard to build around you something that is a quickly familiar and easy to get on-board with piece of music and performance. The hook is infectious in a brilliantly vibrant way, and there’s so much potential for further genre remixes that could take that central melody and passion and re-design them in any number of ways. It’s a great song, Puke and Barf have done well to create something totally unique yet still relatable and appealing.

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