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Psycho Melodic Kill Switch Nobody’s Baby Now (Nick Cave Cover)


This is something a little bit different from PMKS, a breakaway from the political norm and a recording that lays bare a far more personal and somewhat vulnerable side to the band.

It’s easy to forget that this is a cover actually, the sound is very much that of Psycho Melodic Kill Switch, though the energy has been brought down to a level that leaves plenty of room for the poetry and the vocal melodies that unfold within. It’s a pleasure to hear the two vocals follow this particular melody line, particularly during the chorus section. The softness and gentler pace of the verses lets you really hear the intricacies of the voice – with the more punk-rock side of the band’s music the vocals often arrive at full speed and are soaked in effects and angst. Those original recordings are of course a big part of why this track has so much impact – the contrast makes for a unique space within which listeners can really appreciate the raw emotions expressed.

The instrumentation throughout is well executed and adds to the structure effectively – the whole song is marked out, each line and feeling re-emphasised by the energy of the music surrounding it. The classic, acoustic rock vibe is strong, with a little of that retro electronic distortion to keep things relevant to the creative freedom of the PMKS sound.

It’s a really enjoyable track, and though it’s hugely different stylistically to the original, the essence of the feeling behind it and the connection that Spike Summers has with those very ideas is consistently clear. The fact that it is so different musically is brilliant, just the way a cover should be – a unique take on something that affected you personally. A re-working of something that just clicked and connected with you. The power of music is incomparable, and this recording is a true testament to the effect it can have on us, and to the varying ways in which we can utilise sound and expression to put forth our own relation to those effects.

“You know when you’re going through a painful break-up & a song keeps coming up on your iTunes that speaks to your internal turmoil ? (This) was mine.” – Spike Summers, PMKS.

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