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Psycho Melodic Kill Switch This Ain’t Kansas Anymore


Psycho Melodic Kill Switch are no strangers to voicing their political and social concerns through their art, and it’s something worth appreciating. Even in an age of free speech, there is still a considerable amount of censorship – particularly in music. It’s refreshing to hear the essence of creativity, the heart and soul of punk rock and honest songwriting, alive and well within the sound of tracks like This Ain’t Kansas Anymore. 

The track touches on certain, very recent events that left much of the world in disbelief. The great thing is that music is a means of expressing ideas in a way that reflects our personalities, and so at the core of the PMKS sound there is always a familiar sense of character, and this latest track is no exception. The energy of the music, the distortion of the instrumentation, and the raw, punk rock sound of the leading vocal, all reflect the subject matter of the lyrics with awesome relevance.

The track captures both a reflection of the events and also a rebellion against them. At times there is a very harsh and unapologetic nature to the lyrics, but again, this is what’s needed, and it’s relevant because the situations in question are harsh and unapologetic as well, only in that case the result is something potentially dangerous as opposed to merely a few minutes of music or art (both of which are preferred and encouraged mediums of expression).

Politics aside for a moment and the track has everything you’d hope for in modern punk rock and rebellion. The energy is, as mentioned, very raw and real, and the track’s hook has a lot of strength. The band are great at what they do, they actually have an immense back catalogue of music for you to explore if you haven’t done so yet – head over to Soundcloud to listen to more.

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