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Prynce P Reloaded


Prynce P climbs higher than ever with this release, impressing from the offset for a song that showcases realness, a true story, detailed and honest, and proceeding to draw you in closer and closer as each new moment and feature slides into the mix.

Reloaded is a mighty track, creatively unique for its fine fusion of rock guitars, classic hip hop beats, melody and rap, piano softness and mildly distorted swagger. At the same time, there’s a purpose to the whole thing – this collaborative gathering doesn’t purely showcase the best of every artist’s abilities, it holds close to an underlying sentiment that seems to remind you to hold on, push for greater things, believe in better. Even in the face of struggle, as outlined during the intro, the future waits not too far ahead, and with the right mindset it can be better than you ever dreamed.

Reloaded offers a brilliantly nostalgic RnB-meets-reggae hook, awesomely performed, and a series of verses that re-ignite the natural fire that is authentic hip hop. And just to throw further fuel onto that fire, the latter half brings through an immensely fast-paced vocal verse, followed in smart contrast by one of mellow depth and equally new personality.

Reloaded is not only a great track – produced to the highest quality, leading with a smooth and easily memorable hook, anthem-like on the whole – it’s also a bold and striking introduction to every artist featured within. Despite the multilayered soundscape and the seemingly organised chaos of the arrangement, no moment is wasted – no bar stands out for anything other than being on point, on the level, and impressively crafted.

As far as contemporary hip hop goes, this release manages to effectively walk the line between the classic and the new – offering that crisp and honest clarity, that professionalism, and that crucial moment of melody, as well as appearing with style and a new series of story-telling moments. An easy stand out for summer 2019, and a track we should rightfully expect to hear across the airwaves and across blogs globally for the foreseeable future.

Download the single via Apple. Find & follow Prynce P on Instagram. Check out our playlist Hip Hop : The Re – Awakening for more of the best indie releases.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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